We build up our projects with costumers’ specific factory in mind. We customize projects and adapt to any needs. This means we respect Your production and adapt to this, rather than asking You to adapt to standard cuts, machinery and yield standards. No two factories are alike, and METT’S will work together with the owners to find the best solution. The result is our Factory Upgrade program. We think out of the box, turn
the pyramid upside down and find solutions.


No project is too big. Our mission when we start a project is to find a potential opportunity for the factory to gain more earnings in the factory and to clarify for the owners how to get them. We will implement, teach, advise and use our contacts to get the best results. We work for efficiency, hygienic production, and Reduction of food waste. Sustainability and quality meat products are close to our hearts and we include all possibilities in our investigations of the factory to improve.


Mett’s works for the costumer. Our projects are not only theoretical yield and efficiency gains. We want the costumer to be able to see the improvements in their own systems. We have a desire to learn as well as give, so we see an opportunity to create a network and continue to work with the costumers long after a project.