Optimization of slaughtering lines is often depended on the culture in the factory as well as in the country. At which point are the pigs paid for and who owns what part of the carcass. There are several points in an optimization that will benefit the receiver of the carcass and not the slaughtering department itself. We all know the handling of live animals affects the finished meat product etc.

METT’S therefore an OPTIMIZATION OF SLAUGHTERING LINES, include all points in the process, from LIVE animal, the killing, across the skin treatment, and through the slaughtering process, to chilling.

  • Live animals.
    • The handling of live animals on the farm, during transportation, and offloading has effect on the meat quality.
    • EU laws require a course for all staff working in the stables.
    • Stressed animals develop PSE.
    • METT’S has the expertise to prepare You for these requirements so You will stand strong.
  • Killing.
    • Co2 or electric. Again, this depends on traditions and animal welfare groups in the country.
    • METT’S has contacts in both areas. We advise, reduce energy and water and find solutions specific to Your factory.
    • Correct sticking is especially important for yield quality and driploss.
  • Skin treatment.
    • There are different ways to view this part of the slaughtering. For METT’S we have focus on HYGIENE, SKIN QUALITY, SALMONELLA, WORKFLOW and ENERGY. We at METT’S have deep respect for traditions and other people’s opinions, so we focus to MAXIMIZE yield for You and Your Customers.
  • Machine park.
    • METT’S corporate with several producers of machinery and we are free and independent, so our professional advise of choices and set-up is uncoloured and independent.
    • Many chalanges can have simple solutions and we know all tricks.
  • Slaughtering process.
    • METT’S has the best instructors in the business. We are trained in slaughtering and deboning in Denmark. We can develop training manuals for new lines, or we can work with your staff directly on the lines.
    • Slaughtering techniques differs from country to country. METT’S has seen them all and we can therefore advise to the most effective methods. Yields comes from proper methods performed in the trade.
  • Chilling.
    • Chilling and freezing affects the meat quality. METT’S will find the best for Your set-up.

A FACTORY UPGRADE program we will have all these points into consideration in our calculations and reports.