METT’S has worked with yield optimization in deboning for 16 years. We can offer to make completely new specifications on all standard cuts, as well as efficient deboning methods for Your own costumers’ specifications.

Descriptions of deboning methods fitted into Your lines is a great tool for the line managers.


We work with yields every day. For any factory, yield in the primal cutting and deboning department is the number one focus point.

METT’S are experts in finding the last EURO in the production. We will start off by finding income in the present set-up in the factory. This means without or minor investment. We have worked with yield optimization in the range from 500.000€ to 8 million€ per year in extra income for one factory. The yield POTENTIAL in a factory all depends on the number of animals slaughtered, customers and level of skill among the staff.

All our yield improvements are documented. We work in a simple EXCEL to show the gains. We do not ask for access to Your systems, so we will calculate every single yield opportunity.

To go further we will include yield opportunities that requires investment. These we include in our DAILY reporting to INFORM. We are Your daily INHOUSE CONSULTANTS as long as our program is running. We are here to help.

We will train key personnel in connection with optimization when needed in connection with optimization. METT’S goal is to implement methods that increase yield permanently. After the program Your staff will be able to KEEP the yield in check and You will have a new STANDARD to work from. Your staff will be able to make optimization on their own.

Tools in connection with production is vital to good yields. METT’S has many years of experience with tools of the trade. We have found the best knives, the best machines to keep them sharp and we will find the best prices for You.

At METT’S we are masters in finding solutions.

Finding the right machine, the right contact, correcting errors on lines. METT’S will solve it.

Whether Denmark- Europe- South America- USA- Asia- or Australia METT’S can make a program that will fit You and Your Company. We travel to any country, any time.

A FACTORY UPGRADE program we will have all these points into consideration in our calculations and reports. Click here to see an example of a plan for a full FACTORY UPGRADE program. These programs will be designed specifically to YOUR NEEDS.